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Delete entire words with one precise shortcuts

Under Consideration Josias B. Comments: 3 Reply 7 days ago by Kyle W.
13 votes

Caps lock

Under Consideration Jake L. Comments: 27 Reply 10 days ago by Janis B.
40 votes

Enter Settings directly from Keyboard

Under Consideration waldobert Comments: 3 Reply 19 days ago by Janis B.
11 votes

Opción para quitar el fondo

Under Consideration Lenin C. Comments: 1 Reply 29 hours ago by Janis B.
1 vote

Small L and capitalized i shouldn't look the same on keyboard

Under Consideration Paul S. Comments: 4 Reply 16 days ago by MIGUEL P.
2 votes


In Progress Ricardo A. Comments: 2 Reply 10 days ago by Ricardo A.
2 votes

Selectable space button - left or right

Under Consideration Lorenz M. Comments: 2 Reply 22 days ago by Mitor
6 votes
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