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Cursor / Scrolling

Completed Chris S. Comments: 52 Reply 46 days ago by Janis B.
63 votes

Voice to text / Dictation

Planned Jason A. Comments: 25 Reply 32 days ago by David
35 votes

Click sound

Planned Jonathan K. Comments: 9 Reply 12 days ago by Janis B.
16 votes


Under Consideration Sabrina S. Comments: 1 Reply 12 days ago by Janis B.
1 vote

Make emoji searchable or use shortcuts

Under Consideration Felix H. Comments: 1 Reply 46 days ago by Janis B.
3 votes

Copy Functionality

Under Consideration Francesco F. Comments: 4 Reply 21 months ago by David
5 votes

Resize keyboard for better use of screen

Under Consideration Brian N. Comments: 22 Reply 4 months ago by David
20 votes

Numbers Only Layout

Under Consideration Lukas S. Comments: 7 Reply 6 months ago by David
8 votes


Under Consideration Mathieu L. Comments: 50 Reply 5 months ago by Kristina
84 votes
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