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Add Ukrainian and Russian

Under Consideration Sergiy P. Languages Comments: 19 Reply 37 days ago by fiiv
22 votes

Numbers Row

Under Consideration Jeremy D. Comments: 7 Reply 3 years ago by David
21 votes

Click sound

Under Consideration Jonathan K. Comments: 9 Reply 2 months ago by Janis B.
16 votes

Access to emoji

Completed Jake L. Comments: 5 Reply 17 months ago by David
15 votes

Close emoji layer with swipe down

Under Consideration Leo M. Comments: 11 Reply 6 months ago by David
15 votes

Space after punctuation mark and comma

Completed Laura K. Comments: 13 Reply 2 years ago by Janis B.
15 votes

Add Arabic

Under Consideration Janis B. Languages Comments: 10 Reply 16 months ago by red f.
15 votes

Support of themes

Completed Janis B. Comments: 4 Reply 3 years ago by Janis B.
14 votes

Show lettes on keys in uppercase e.g. after a full-stop

Completed Kim J. Comments: 2 Reply 4 years ago by David
14 votes

Emojis in all skin colors

Completed Warren Comments: 10 Reply 2 years ago by David
13 votes
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