Put the letters toghether.

Jose Hernández shared this question 17 days ago

I am having some trouble finding the letters. I feel that i can write quicker with my old google keyboard. My sugestion is to put soma layout option that make the space buttons be below to make it more intuitiva, at least in my case.

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The traditional qwerty layout has some basic flaws. That's why we added the hexagon layout which the best possible shape. We wrote an article about that on Medium if you want more information: https://uxdesign.cc/why-we-struggle-with-smartphone-keyboards-and-5-ways-to-change-that-b5e1970bef2dTo make it easier to learn it at the beginning, we'll add Learning mode with QWERTY soon. But to minimize typos the hexagon layout is the way to go. It only takes a few minutes to learn it with our included game 😊