Problem using WRIO with multilingual configuration

Aksel Alvarez shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

I decided to use WRIO because it allowed me to write at the same time in the different languages I use everyday without changing languages, but with the autocorrection on I become very annoying and uncomfortable problems, like the correction of a word even if I undo the autocorrection.

So I have to turn off the autocorrection and tha leaves me with the problem of cheking spelling by myself. Ergo, it becomes in something not so practical.

I miss the option to see word suggestion, since it would be useful to find the right word in the languages I didn't speak well.

I use spanish, english, german and swedish dictionaries in an iOS device

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Hi Aksel

Thanks for for feedback!

The fastest way to undo the last autocorrection is to swipe down (anywhere on the keyboard). Then the original word you typed will be learned so that it doesn't correct it anymore after a while.

A bar with suggestions for the autocorrection is on our todo list and is one of the next big things we want to implement. :)