Other layout for keys with 3 symbols

Leo M shared this idea 3 years ago

If you have a key with 3 symbols (like the euro, dollar, pounds) or letters I would prefer a other system than "swipe up, tap, longpress" to get the sign. I would like "swipe up, tap, swipe down". Additonal, I would prefer, if the key would show all three symbols, for better overview.

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Hi Leo, we would like to keep the long press for a third option, because long press and swipe up gives you a forth option (in certain instances). Also, long press is used to get to the diacritics/umlauts on the normal keys.

But yes, all 3 letters are now shown for better overview. Only exception is on the main layout, where we only show 2 symbols, but 4 are available as a pro-feature. The final app will contain an easy documentation, where that is described.