Missing the Icelandic letter "Æ" - the capital version

Thorsteinn Yngvi shared this problem 16 months ago

Hi there,

When you implemented the Icelandic keyboard you guys were nice enough to comply with my request of where to place the Icelandic "Æ æ" letter. However, upon doing so you only enabled the lower case version of the letter "æ". And we have no way of approaching the capital version "Æ"

I've now been rewording sentences for over two years so that they don't start with the capital "Æ". What do you guys say to fixing this once and for all? :)

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Haha, so sorry. We'll have a look! 😄


Hi Thorsteinn, we're very sorry for that! Please know that you can tell us about any bug at any time and we'll look into it, even before two years pass :-) I think we've found the bug and will be implemented in the next 2.0 Beta version. Are you already running the Beta? If not, please drop us an email at: app@wrio-keyboard.com - Cheers, David


Woohoo! :) Thanks guys!

I'll send a note regarding the Beta participation.