Innovative and interesting idea, but... my issues

Héctor Pavez shared this question 16 days ago

Innovative and interesting idea. Comparing with the traditional system like the swiftkey qwerty with its learning and recommendation system, I can check the following issues to solve in typewise:

1- It costs enough to be able to eliminate a specific amount of letters.

2- It is quite difficult to quickly delete the last word type, to write it again.

3- When I write a word wrong, with a type, I do not recommend the correct word.

4- When I write a word without tilde, under the context I do not recommend the same word with tilde.

5- I do not understand well how the system should learn my way of writing and recommend words according to the context.

6- It costs a bit to get used to the new order of the letters compared to the qwerty keyboard.

7- Due to the animation effect of the list of recommended words, it is slower to wait and choose a word from the list.

8- The order of the most important words recommended, is from left to right?

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Hi Héctor

1) By the swipe length you can change how many characters you delete. You can also swipe back to the right to restore. Isn't this a very fast way?

2) same as 1

3) Corrections are not shown in the blue smart bar yet. But when you press space it should automatically correct the typo and then notify you on the left side of the smart bar.

4) This was a bug that has been fixed yesterday 😊

5) It learns the words you type. And if there was a wrong correction, tap on the correction in the smart bar. It will tell Typewise that the correction was wrong and what you actually wanted to type. That way the autocorrection and predictions will get better over time.

6) That's true. But the traditional qwerty layout has some basic flaws. It's optimized for 10 fingers and mechanical typewriters. A smartphone is much smaller and therefore the keys get very narrow. That's why we implemented the hexagon layout which has the best possible shape. To make it easier to learn it, we'll add Learning mode with QWERTY soon. But to minimize typos the hexagon layout is the way to go. Also try our included game that helps you to learn the new layout much faster 😊

7) We'll work on the performance of the predictions in the next weeks

8) Yes. And as I said earlier it will get better over time. And of course there's still some room for improvement on the algorithm side. That's why we'll keep working on it 😊

Hope this helps! 😁


1- Trying, if I want to delete 1 letter, it passes by and I must return, and it usually goes by again. In the end as on the 3rd attempt most of the time, I achieve it :). Comparing with a qwerty keyboard, just click the delete button once, and that's it.

2- This is different. If I want to delete the last word, using a qwerty keyboard as an example, holding down the delete button for 1 second deletes the entire word.

3- I tried it with the Spanish word "like", and then I tighten space, but the word does not self-correct by adding the tilde. That depends when else you type the word with tilde?

4- I will check it :)

5 - I try to write "how are you" (Spanish), but poorly written like this: "coml stats", then space, however, none of the 2 words corrected me. Should I change it automatically?

6- I will try the game: D

7 and 8- Very good!

I already write Spanish on the keyboard. Should I write in Spanish on this platform? or does it matter?