Correct wrong punctuation/space

Charlie Angar shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

If I type ? in the middle of a word, chances are good it was supposed to be a ' or a space. Keyboard should understand that.

Keyboard will correct "thqt" but not "th.t" even though they are the same physical error.

it?s -> it's

th.t -> that

th t -> that

that?is -> that is

Can't even set it?s to a shortcut and do the work myself. Let me use punctuation in shortcuts. Why not? It would be so much better for us if you would trust us that we know what shortcuts we want. If they don't work out we will delete them.

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Hi Charlie, right now the auto correction can't correct punctuation or space mistakes. We agree that it should be able to also detect those mistakes. So this is on the backlog and I'm rephrasing the request so others can vote on it. Many thanks, David