Calendar iOS 13.2: keyboard does not work

Maik Born shared this problem 12 days ago

When I open a new calendar appointment via 3D touch on iOS 13.2, in some cases my keyboard is not working in the subject line. To solve it, i first have to adjust another field (e.g. time). After that it works. This is really annyoing.

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Hi Maik, I tried reproducing and with me the keyboard works. But to be sure :-)

- For example in Mail you force-press (3D touch) on a Date

- Then you see a preview of your calendar for that date with options to Create Event, Create Reminder, Show in Calendar, Copy Event

- I presume you click on Create Event

- This opens a new Calendar Event, and in the "Title" field the keyboard doesn't show up?

Can you send a screenshot? Because with me it always shows up. Maybe it's connected with the app you're opening it from?

Cheers, David


Hi -

- I click on the calendar app on the home screen using 3D touch.

- Then I see: add appointment - which I press

- A new appointment opens

- Cursor is in "subject" field, typewise is open, but when pressing a letter nothing happens.

I actually have made a video so that you can see what I mean. Do you have an e-mail address to share?

Thanks, Maik