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Flicking For Characters

Under Consideration Warren A. Comments: 3 Reply 11 days ago by Janis B.
1 vote

Voice to text / Dictation

Planned Jason A. Comments: 25 Reply 3 months ago by David
43 votes

Please add ñ character to the keyboard without need of holding n one

Under Consideration Pablo Comments: 1 Reply 6 days ago by Dani L.
3 votes

Caps lock

Under Consideration Jake L. Comments: 27 Reply 31 days ago by Janis B.
42 votes

Can i change the layout of the keyboard

Under Consideration Dario B. Comments: 1 Reply 18 days ago by Dario B.
2 votes


Under Consideration Francesco F. Comments: 4 Reply 23 months ago by David
12 votes

Delete entire words with one precise shortcuts

Under Consideration Josias B. Comments: 3 Reply 29 days ago by Kyle W.
13 votes

Enter Settings directly from Keyboard

Under Consideration waldobert Comments: 3 Reply 41 days ago by Janis B.
12 votes

Fully Customizable Keyboard

Under Consideration Guest 6 days ago No Comments
2 votes


Keyboard not opening after closing app

Solved Mitor Comments: 15 Reply 28 days ago by Janis B.
5 votes

Calendar iOS 13.2: keyboard does not work

Known Maik B. Comments: 2 Reply 11 days ago by Maik B.
1 vote

Smart Bar Flashing

Known Oscar A. Comments: 1 Reply 13 days ago by David
1 vote


Known Juan M. Comments: 2 Reply 21 days ago by Juan M.
1 vote

Vibrate not working

Not a Problem AndreaW Comments: 6 Reply 13 days ago by AndreaW
1 vote

Enable typewise first start alert.

Solved Mitor Comments: 4 Reply 31 days ago by Mitor
2 votes

Game doesn't work

Solved Paul. S. Comments: 6 Reply 31 days ago by Janis B.
2 votes